How much do sessions cost and how can I pay for them?
Individual therapy sessions are $110 each. Group counseling sessions are $50 each. Couples therapy sessions are $110 each. Family life education sessions are $70 each. You may pay with a credit card, cash, or personal check. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. I also provide services on a sliding scale for low-income families.

Do you accept insurance?
Maintaining client confidentiality and treatment integrity is important to me. Therefore, I have chosen not to accept insurance. However upon your request, I will complete a statement of paid services for your insurance reimbursement submission. Note that I do accept credit cards to allow clients the flexibility for timely payment.

Do you work with children and adults?
Yes, I work with women and men of all ages.

How can I schedule a complimentary phone consultation or set up an appointment?
Please call me at (888) 737-3330 or email me at counseling@affinitycfls.com to schedule an appointment. I offer a complimentary telephone consultation. At that time, we will discuss your goals for therapy and decide if therapy with me will meet your needs. If you choose to work with me, then we will schedule your first appointment.

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